Why handwritten letter?


One of the nicest reasons to send a handwritten letter is that it can be kept as a memento. We know so much about famous historical figures because of their correspondence. Imagine what we’d have missed if they’d only sent emails!


A handwritten letter is bound to be appreciated by the recipient. We receive so few these days that it will make a pleasant change. The effort that it takes to write a letter will also be appreciated. Unlike an email, you don’t have the opportunity to change what you’ve written, so it will be straight from the heart.


There’s something quite delightfully retro about writing a letter. It’s like saying that you prefer the past and how things used to be. Many people wear retro and vintage clothing, and decorate their homes with retro furniture. So why not opt for an old-fashioned form of communication as well?


Receiving a letter is much more personal than opening an email. Knowing that someone has taken the trouble to put pen to paper will make you feel that the person cares about you. So instead of dashing off a quick email to congratulate your friend or relative, you could send them a handwritten note instead.


Most of the mail we get these days is pretty boring – bank statements and junk mail, if we get anything at all. So why not send someone a handwritten letter? They’ll be so surprised when they open their mailbox and see the letter there – and even more when they open it.


If you receive a memorable email, you can always read it again. But it’s not the same as being able to hold a letter. A handwritten letter is something tangible to hold and look at. You can keep it in a box along with other mementos. Everyone should have a love letter to keep!