Refund Policy

Refund of Fee

TIHLC has a dynamic refund policy. In case after a letter is requested by you and paid, TIHLC writes the letter and ships it. In any case if the letter is not delivered within 15 working days of reaching the destination, TIHLC will rewrite the letter and ship it again.

In no case there will be a refund of the money if the letter was shipped from out end. If there is delay in the services by our delivery partners, TIHLC doesn’t take any responsibility for the same.


Any order can be cancelled with TIHLC within 2 hrs of placing the order. Post that TIHLC wouldn’t be able to cancel to order as the letter goes into production.

No Agency

It is to be distinctly understood that TIHLC will only provide services specified to its members in its service framework. TIHLC is not the agent of any member and does not partake in the interchange or the results thereof.