Frequently asked questions

Is this for real?

You better believe it. We believe crafting high-quality personal messages that makes all the difference to those who receive them and those who send them.

How much does it cost?

We charge you a humble fee of 499*/- for all letters.

How long does it take for my mailing to arrive?

Single letters typically get mailed within 3 business days of placing your order. Timelines may vary for bulk orders.

How safe is my data and content of the letter with TIHLC?

We have a very strict policy of guarding your data. It is double encrypted and no data is available for any third party usage at all.

Who writes the letter?

Our team of passionate letter writers write your letters with as much love and care as you would do. They are based out of different cities in the world and come together for this vintage cause.

Is there any branding of TIHLC on the letter?

There is no branding of TIHLC on the letter. We are messengers of your thoughts and that's it.

Do you use script fonts?

Blasphemy! Go ahead, call us old school. We are real people, writing each letter the old-fashioned way – with a pen and paper.

How do you ensure quality?

Everything we write is photographed and inspected prior to being mailed out. You will receive an email notification once the mailing has been sent, along with photos of your order.

Where all do you ship letters?

We ship letters to anywhere in the world. Local, National, International, you name it we ship it.

P.S. Currently only shipping on Earth, unless Mr. Elon Musk or Nasa agrees to deliver letters to the Moon or Mars on our behalf 😛

Do you send letters internationally?

Yes, people outside India are still people too.

Is there a word limit?

No. If you type it, we'll handwrite it.

Are all the letters/notes actually handwritten?

Duh! All the letters/notes are handwritten by real people with ink on paper. We do not use bots for any of our operations and we like to keep it that way.

Are there any limitations on content?

We tend to see the glass half full, but we know some will try to abuse a service like this. If the content is found to be illegal, malicious or harmful in any way, TIHLC reserves the right to reject and refund your order, less a 20% service fee.

Will the receiver be informed/notified about the letter?

There is no communication with the receiver apart from the time when it is about to be delivered. All notifications are directed to the person ordering the letter.

Can I send an anonymous letter?

Yes, you can. While ordering the letter, there is an option to send the letter as anonymous and there is no mention of your details on the letter.

Can I write letters to people I don't know?

Absolutely, if you have their address then we can surely ship a letter to them. Be it the President of the Country, your prospective company, your kids, your boss or your crush. Basically, anyone who can receive a letter we are happy to write it to them on your behalf.

What if I want to send a lot of letters?

We work with a lot of people and businesses who need more notes than one person can write. Our team of professional writers makes it easy to scale large orders to be produced in a timely manner.

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Are you hiring?

We're always looking for talented, detail-oriented and self-motivated folks who have tremendous enthusiasm about writing letters.

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