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How to Send Personalized Wedding Thank You Cards From India

Talking of wedding guests, there are of different types and statures – friends, colleagues, acquaintances, bosses, or any other dignitaries who may be invited to grace the occasion.

Now, thank you letters for attending wedding ceremonies are not mandatory, and are actually not a prevalent or common trend in Indian weddings. However, it is a good gesture shown by the hosts of the party, as the invitee would feel taken care of, and it would add on to the future relationship with that of the invitee.

Now, wedding thank you letters or cards can be both electronically drafted or hand written. But, given the number of invitees to a conventional wedding ceremony, drafting these cards by hand does not seem feasible. Therefore, in such a situation, hosts can segregate these thank you letters in different segments so that it is both feasible as well as does not look too trivial.

Wedding Thank You Cards for Friends, Family & Acquaintances

These thank you cards can be quite simplistic and can be designed in bulk with a simple and lucid content thanking the invitee to visiting the occasion, and helping in the success of the wedding ceremony.

There are pre-defined designs for thank you letters uploaded in the web which can be referred at any point of time. These letters are mostly in the form of PSD images which can be customized and printed.

Wedding Thank You Cards for High Officials or Chief Guests Gracing the Ceremony

Conventional thank you cards should be avoided in such cases, as they may look a bit trivial on their part. These letters can be hand prepared with a lot of designs and imagery. Hand drafting such thank you cards would show a lot of respect and importance to the dignified personality or high level managers who would have graced the occasion.

Thank You Letters or Cards to Vendors – Includes Caterers, Photographers and other Arrangers

These letters are more out of gratitude towards the helpers and the organizers of the wedding who were instrumental in ensuring that all the guests were taken care of, and the ceremony happens successfully.