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Seven years ago, we set out to make sending real handwritten notes as easy as sending emails. With all this said, we love what The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. stands for - as we still believe in the power of a handwritten letter, and we‘re very proud of what we are doing.

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The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.

Thank you cards or letters, as the name suggests, is drafted mostly to express a note of gratitude and gratefulness to any person in exchange of a favor or any other act of kindness. Therefore, the language and tone of such letter should not be aggressive or too assertive.

The content should highlight the favor done towards the drafter of the mail and more importantly, the significance of the contribution that the favor had, in his or her life.

There can be many types of thank you letters, as per the case may be. The letter can be typed or hand written based on the situation – a thank you letter for an interview should be typed, whereas a thank you letter for a more informal occurrence like a birthday gift can be hand written.

A few types of thank you letters which can be made to good use are mentioned below for reference:-

  • Thank you letter for a job interview–Though this is not a mandatory step for interviews, still it portrays a lot of professionalism on the part of the candidate to send such a letter. These letters are mostly composed in the form of a mail, and are never hand written. The content should indicate the job profile for which the interview was taken along with the interview date & time, thanking the human resource department for conducting the interview.
  • Thank you for visiting – Such thank you letters are quite common, and are generally printed in bulk. The content of such letters thanks the visitor for gracing the occasion with their presence. These cards can be used for attendees to a formal event such as a workshop, seminar, or for an informal event as well such as birthday or party.
  • Thank you letter for scholarship–These kinds of thank you letters should explicitly highlight the importance of significance of the scholarship on the educational career of the student.

On the whole, a thank you card though not mandatory in any process, is useful as it shows the decency and empathy of the person towards others from whom he or she has accepted any favor.