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Seven years ago, we set out to make sending real handwritten notes as easy as sending emails. With all this said, we love what The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. stands for - as we still believe in the power of a handwritten letter, and we‘re very proud of what we are doing.

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Handwritten letters will never go out of style, and still are the sexiest way of communication.

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How to Send Handwritten Love Letters Online - TIHLC

Even in the era of emailing, handwritten letters have not lost their charms at all. It is true that today people hardly write handwritten letters, but at the same time, people prefer handwritten letters when it to expressing feeling for someone. If you want to impress someone or want to show your love, you should opt for writing a handwritten love letter for that person.

Handwritten love letters have unique charms and abilities to impress a person. They create more long-lasting impressions than anything else. So, it is a sure way of impressing someone, provided you craft the letter with precision. The concern is that letter writing is no more a habitual thing for us. Thus, many people find themselves in trouble, while crafting a letter.

A perfectly written love letter should possible have various elements. The first and foremost thing is inserting true and genuine feeling for someone. Handwritten love letters would become interesting as well as impressive when writing tone is a little impersonal and attention drawing.

It has to be short and lucid. If this is your first love letter to someone, it is recommended that you should keep the letter length short and to the point.

There is no fixed way of expressing feelings. You actually need to write what exactly your heart says. Do not make love letters too much formal, as that does not make the letter to offer genuine feeling.

You can additionally write some beautiful quotes or poems for a love letter. Your efforts for creating letter will be endorsed properly when you have a beautiful handwriting.

How can we help you?

The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. is a professional service provider for handwritten letters. Along with various types of letter writing, we also have mastered the art of writing seamless handwritten love letters.

If you want to send a handwritten love letter anywhere in Australia, you should opt for our services. We additionally provide our services in India, China, UK and the USA.

To opt for our service, just come down to us with your requirement. You can guide us with your personalized instructions. We shall create a perfect handwritten letter and it will be mailed to the address provided by you. We are reliable, affordable and genuine.