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We believe in crafting high-quality personal messages that make all the difference to those who receive them and those who send them.

Seven years ago, we set out to make sending real handwritten notes as easy as sending emails. With all this said, we love what The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. stands for - as we still believe in the power of a handwritten letter, and we‘re very proud of what we are doing.

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Handwritten letters will never go out of style, and still are the sexiest way of communication.

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How to Send Handwritten Cards Online - TIHLC

In this digital era, no one care to send handwritten cards, especially when you have ample of choices for beautiful calligraphic fonts. However, sending a handwritten card can be considered as a nice gesture, if you want to impress someone. A card can be sent to express happiness, solidarity, condolence, etc.

Cards are also sent to wish birthdays or other happy events. Generally, we do not find handwritten cards these days. Most of the cards are available in digitally written fonts. So, the obvious question is why should anyone care to send handwritten cards to wish someone in India, China, USA, and UK?

Well, there is every reason to send a handwritten letter to someone, when you want to impress the person. Instead of digital fonts, handwritten cards create a greater impression.

It should that the sender has indulged enough time to craft the card. As a result, receiver feels privileged. Creating handwritten cards has become easier these days. It does not involve any hassles if you manage to find a professional service provider.

We offer customized and handwritten card crafting service for you. All you need is placing your order online, mentioning your preferences. Once you approve the card that we create for you, share the preferred address where you want to send the card. We shall send the printed card to that person at the mentioned date if there is any.

Benefits of Handwritten Cards

In the following section, let us have a quick look at the benefits of handwritten cards:

  • Unique: Handwritten cards look more unique and special than normal digital font based cards.
  • Attention Grabbing: The biggest virtue of handwritten card is that it is attention grabbing. On birthday, people get so many wishes and cards. Your card will be remembered for your unique efforts.
  • Personalized Texts: Pre-made digital font based cards obvious do not feature personalized texts. They could be typical and common sometimes. With handwritten cards, you can add unique and beautiful texts that will surely impress the receiver.
  • Makes Someone to Feel Special: Handwritten card makes someone feel special.

Contact TIHLC.com for sending handwritten cards to anywhere in China, India, UK and USA.