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Seven years ago, we set out to make sending real handwritten notes as easy as sending emails. With all this said, we love what The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. stands for - as we still believe in the power of a handwritten letter, and we‘re very proud of what we are doing.

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How to Write & Send a Personal Handwritten Letter In India

Writing a letter is not an easy, especially for the people of this digital age. We are so used to with various emails that we have almost forgotten the art of writing a letter. Since it is not a habitual thing for today’s generation anymore, many people struggle when they have been given a task to write a letter.

Letters can be of different types. While official letter writing is still a common practice in the corporate sector, writing a personal letter is often considered as a lost art. However, writing a letter is always a better way of expressing a feeling to someone.

If you want to impress someone or want to wish a person to desire to show your condolence, you must ponder upon writing a personal letter instead of sending emails.

A well crafted personal letter should have the following attributes:

Lucidity: Lucidity is the main parameter of judging a quality of letter. If you want to convey something to someone, then convey it in simple and lucid language. Do not make things complex – write down straight from your heart.

  • Interesting: A handwritten letter should be interesting otherwise receiver would not find it impressive enough to read again. To make the letter interesting and interactive, you may add a few questions for the receiver. You can add some interesting and funny facts that are obviously related to the context of your writing.
  • Proper Format: Lets get it straight! No one shall reject your letter if it does not follow a fixed format when it comes to writing a personal letter. Still, you have to be careful with it, as maintaining right format is a common norm. Well, the structured letter looks interesting and readable, while poorly structured letters look messy.
  • Stating Emotions: Another important thing is stating emotions properly. Ideally, a letter should reflect your mind.

To impress a friend or someone very special, you can consider our help for writing a personal letter in the USA. We also offer services in the UK, India, China, etc. TIHLC.com is a professional service provider for personal letter writing. We can craft original, well formatted and beautifully handwritten letter for you.