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We believe in crafting high-quality personal messages that make all the difference to those who receive them and those who send them.

Seven years ago, we set out to make sending real handwritten notes as easy as sending emails. With all this said, we love what The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. stands for - as we still believe in the power of a handwritten letter, and we‘re very proud of what we are doing.

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Handwritten letters will never go out of style, and still are the sexiest way of communication.

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Handwritten Letters Marketing Services In India

Marketing is a huge challenge for most companies for the sole reason that customer behavior changes very frequently and marketing teams have to keep up to it.

Unlike loads of direct letter marketing services, The Indian Handwritten Letter Company touches the heart of your customer like no one does for the following reasons

  • Letters are not great for the prettiness it has but for the content in it. The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. makes sure that the content is chiseled to perfection and touches the right notes.
  • While bots make sure that letters are at pace and you can ship out any number of letters in a day for marketing, The Indian Handwritten Letter Company takes loads of care to nurture letter writers all across to give you the best value for business.
  • Cost is the biggest concern which marketers are worried when it comes to business handwritten letters. But Tihlc, guarantees the hassles and haggles of this only for $1.

Why personalization works ?

  • Special - Thing about a situation when a tele-caller got your name wrong and you bang the phone out of utter frustration and thinking you were just another customer. But when it’s a handwritten letter drafted only for you the response is very different.
  • Curiosity Handwritten letters with marketing material are very scarce and it’s the curiosity of the customer that wants him to open that letter and see what’s written as no one writes into people with love these days.

Personalization may be the only tool missing in your marketing bouquet and its never late to adapt to it. With handwritten letters for marketing taking off in a big way, this is one of the key trends to look out for.