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How to Write & Send a Custom Handwritten Letters For Army?

Thinking of our army, our soldiers in the border, we are engrossed and filled with emotions and gratitude towards them as they are the ones who are in charge of the safety and security of the nation.

The army not only protects the border of the nation but also drops in actively in a case of any internal unrest in the nation or in cases of natural disaster as well.

Therefore, it is always recommended for people and kids to draft emotional and thank you letters to the army congratulating them on their success, and expressing their gratitude on the path they chose to serve the nation and risk their lives in the process.

There is no predefined style or formal template which needs to be abided by, in designing such letters directed to the army. These letters can be handwritten with careful choice of words which instills a faith of love and affection towards the army ensuring them that the entire nation loves them and prays for their well-being.

Users can either chose to draft the mail in a letter and send it to the army headquarters via post or use the range of tools available online which allows users to scan handwritten letters and send them to the army via email. In such cases, users should have a scanner connected to their system.

A sample content of such mails could comprise the below mentioned:-

Interesting Salutation – As mentioned, there is no hard and fast template or rule which needs to be followed in these letters. Users are left to their imagination on how to capture attention and rouse emotions in the first line itself.

Engaging Content – A well-researched letter could add to the effectiveness of these communications. While a generic thank you letter could also solve the purpose, a researched letter citing examples of extreme bravery and courage could rouse a lot of attention, and provide a sense of achievement to the army

Emotional End – Such letters should end with best wishes and prayers for the well-being and safety of the army and their family.

Users can browse the online content for exciting samples which could be used as a reference.