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We believe in crafting high-quality personal messages that make all the difference to those who receive them and those who send them.

Seven years ago, we set out to make sending real handwritten notes as easy as sending emails. With all this said, we love what The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. stands for - as we still believe in the power of a handwritten letter, and we‘re very proud of what we are doing.

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Handwritten letters will never go out of style, and still are the sexiest way of communication.

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Penning down thoughts may come across as an old-fashioned way of expressing in this era of instant messages. But, if you believe various surveys conducted for best gifting options, a handwritten letter still is the best-personalised gift you can give someone, yes second to your time.

A handwritten letter shows how much time you must have invested in coming up with the exact words, as you cannot delete a wrong word in a handwritten letter with a click of a button like you do in an email or a message. Spammed inbox with ballads of love or apologies may seem like a good and more accessible idea but holding a love letter with a smile or sleeping with a sorry letter under the pillow is still an unmatchable magic.

Never forget the element of surprise that comes with a handwritten letter. We exchange hundreds of emails, whatsapp messages, tweets these days sitting in front of the computer screen or on a mobile phone but the thought of receiving handwritten letter hardly ever crosses our mind. When, and if a person gets one such beautiful gift, it's always a welcome surprise which also makes you feel important in the life of the sender. As he/she has spent so much time and energy in coming up with a handwritten letter so beautiful.

A handwritten letter always makes an everlasting impression on the hearts of the receiver. It's a memory that can be revisited by reading it again and again and felt by holding it in the hand, even after years and years, which can never be a case with an email or a message. But writing the exact words that someone is feeling, is not always that easy and yes the packaging does matter. A well drafted a handwritten letter on a high-quality paper in a beautiful handwriting always makes a better impression. So here at The Indian Handwritten Letter Co., we help you out in not just drafting a perfect letter, but also writing it for you and sending it across on your behalf because we believe beautifully handwritten words on paper get engraved in the heart.

Type of Handwritten Letters

Time is always an issue and we are ever busy, we at The Indian Handwritten Letter Co (www.tihlc.com), will help you make your message felt to your near or dear ones. So next time, when you are confused about the 'best-personalised gift option' for your loved ones, colleague or even your boss, choose from our great varieties of letters like -

  • Love letters
  • Sorry letters
  • Anniversary wishes letters
  • Birthday wishes letters and notes
  • Invitation letters
  • Diwali wishes letters
  • Thanksgiving letters
  • Christmas greetings and New Year greetings.
  • Valentine's Day love letters

We can also customise your letter according to your need. You can choose from the varieties of handwritings we offer to the paper tone of our specially imported papers and yes you also have an option of adding a beautiful memory in the form of a photograph with a starting price of just 699 for 100 words.

But wait, it not just a personal letter to your loved ones with which you can make a difference. Are you not being able to crack your dream job? Do you know that the handwriting of a person speaks a lot about their personality? So this time try standing out in the crowd by letting us send across a sophistically drafted handwritten Cover letter and Resume to your dream recruiter and maybe you get lucky too.

Businesses have always had a difficult time retaining customers but we give you the best way to connect with them in this digital age. That is through personalised handwritten letters or notes. This has worked wonders for companies who have used our services as they have seen 73% more retention and connect with their customers.

Beautiful Handwritten Letters

Apart from penning your thoughts on paper, our artists pen letters in calligraphy which are handcrafted to perfection. From the choice of the paper, ink, packaging and the delivery, its absolutely impeccable. Our calligraphy letters are a work of art and fit any ocassion. From sending Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings themed letters to packing your words in an intricately packed scroll box and shipping it across the word, we do it all.

Handwritten Love Letters in different languages

Love has many languages and doesn't have to be in English. You can pen your letter in any language you like as we pen handwritten letters in 14 Indian languages. Express your love letter in as many words you like in whatever way you want and we will help you pack it and ship your feelings.

Why send a handwritten letter with The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.?

  • Personalised Stationery - You have the choice to choose your own choice of stationary
  • Content Drafting - While we all know what to write, but we also help you drafting content if you can't with the help of our in-house editors
  • Express Shipping - All letters are shipped out by Indian Speed Post giving you the widest reach all across the globe
  • Best Valentine's Day Gift - A handwritten letter to make your love more beautiful

How to send a customized handwritten letter online?

Steps to send out a customised handwritten letter online through The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.

  1. Log on to www.tihlc.com
  2. Choose your product and the type of letter that you want to send online
  3. Type in your content and choose your preferred mode of shipping
  4. Complete your order online
  5. Once confirmed our letter writers start writing the letter
  6. With the letter shipped out, you get the tracking id and the images on your email Id

Handwritten letters are personal. We wish to make it special for you and you can trust us with it.