Passion on Paper

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart”


The word means minimalism but conveys the idea of moving beyond the rationality of the mind and dealing with emotions. There is something serenely special about simple things like art or a sunset. Handwritten letters portray that ideology. They are simple yet profoundly effective in communication. They have existed since the days of yore but with times now moving into a technological era, the art form is slowly vanishing into obscurity.

And it is with that motive that a group of men from Bangalore decided to form an organisation that deals specifically with the art form of handwritten letters. They call themselves ‘The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.’, abbreviated as TIHLC. The following account will depict exactly how this group brings people closer through this simple craft.

Mr.X was to get married to his childhood love in twenty days. He wanted to change things up a little bit and be creative in his expression of love. This was the biggest moment of his life, after all. He came across TIHLC and contacted them. Together they formed the idea of sending neatly crafted handwritten letters each day throughout the course of the twenty day period to his fiance. Each letter described how much he loved her and how excited he was for their marriage. She loved it. It wasn’t just words that were being conveyed but it was love being rediscovered through the ink on the paper .

Letters possess their own charm that SMS or tweets would never achieve. To know that there is someone out there who would put pen to paper for you would surely make one feel special. Words can make or break relationships. The idea of handwritten letters written by professionals skilled in calligraphy brings about a breath of fresh air in the current market space. And it has hugely viable applications. Businesses are leveraging this idea to strengthen their relationships with customers through personal handwritten letters. Moms, children, bosses and friends are making use of this start up to simplify communication down to a more emotional and personal level. Their idea is to go retro with communication and spread warmth in their words. To make someone feel special takes one to be special and in this fast paced world it is nice to see that we can leverage the idea of simplicity to get more connected with our fellow humans.

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