Nostalgia Behind Handwritten Letters

Haven’t we all written letters some time in our lives?

I, for one, have always been the creative kind. I was six years old when I kind of really came to grasp with the idea of birthdays and why they were that big a deal. Well, the last part is still under doubt but anyways as for anyone, a birthday was a time of enjoyment and merry for me. And my mom and I shared the same birthday, by coincidence. I would grab pencil and sketch pen and an A4 paper from the printer and head down to my room. It was Picasso time for me. I would draft the most childish looking birthday letter and greeting card possible but for my mom, who I’d hand it over to, I was Da Vinci’s spirit in reality.

Come middle school and come puberty. I was never the direct kind. I was shy and insecure but I had my weapon of choice ready in my repertoire in case I needed to impress the girls. And I did need to. It was a girl from my class who’d look at me and then I’d look at her and the process would repeat itself to no fruitful completion. My friends would say, ‘go talk to her man.’ I had other ideas. I sat down and drafted the most beautiful letter made by mankind. Or so I felt. I gave it to her the following day and well, I have been with her ever since that day.

Post college I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to take a break and do something different. So I decided to volunteer at my village. We had to help out with the schooling systems there. It was a time to relish as I actively helped out underprivileged kids to build themselves a future to look forward to. My time there was also enriched by the sights I saw. Postmen still delivered letters to the villagers in their age old cycles that seemed akin to the unbreakable Nokia 1100 mobile phones. At a day and age where I just can’t keep my fingers from fiddling with my phone on a constant basis, it seemed refreshing to witness a life devoid of technology yet connected like never before.

It took me sometime to understand that letters have played a rather important value in my life. Around two months back, I decided to give its due recognition. I quit my job and started an organization that delivers handwritten letters to the people you love. I have finally realized my dream which is to get people connected to each other in a pure, emotional and raw way. That is something technology, no matter how advanced, can never provide. I’d like to end this by asking a question just like when I started.

What is the one thing you remember from childhood that drives you nostalgic?

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